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Project Advisory

For As Little Or As Much As You Need
  • Due Diligence Advisory Services

  • Business Vision: Urgency, Crucial to growth/success, Discovery, Licensing, Criteria for succes

    Desired Location: Existing, Local, State, National, International, Global

    Fiscal Capability: Cash Flow, Capital Loan, Parent Company Loan, Private Equity

    Environmental Concerns: Special Permits, Legal, Local Acceptance, Inspections

    Operational Concerns: Equipment Design, Process Design (Existing or New) Expansion, Merger/Consolidation, Transfer, Occupancy Permitting

Project Due Diligence

Professional project management is an invaluable tool in facilitating the delivery of your manufacturing initiatives.

Before you start your project, we work with you to assess if the chosen initiative is FISCALLY and STRATEGICALLY making sense, with all your desired outcomes possible.

Project Preparation

Project management tools and techniques, including risk management, ensure that quality standards are met and your time to market is TIMELY and EFFICIENT.

We combine professional project management skills with our PROVEN expertise in methodologies such as lean manufacturing and Six Sigma to lead the completion of your initiatives BETTER, FASTER, and CHEAPER.

  • Preparation Advisory Services

  • Time to Market: Deadlines, Customer/Corporate Expectations

    Resources: Personnel, Contractors, Consultants, Architects, Project Managers, Engineering

    Conceptual Design: Engineering, Technical Support, Operational Support, Suppliers, Architectural Design, Gantt Charts – Detailed Project Plan

    Budgeting: Financial Planner, Project “Feeding” Mechanism (Gantt Chart)

    Risk Management Plan: Corporate Approval, Insurance, Critical Analysis, Government pre-approval, Peer Review (Landlord Acceptance), Response Matrix (all stakeholders)

    Contractor Selection: General Contractor, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Specialty services, legal consultants

    SIPOC: Suppliers, Inputs/Outputs, Process Equipment, Contingency Plans

    RACI: Change Control Plans, Responsibilities, Accountabilities, Warranties


Some of our successful projects

North American Projects

    • Managed transfers of production across multiple facilities. 
    • Re-certified ISO 9000 of 2 Canadian operations into one. 
    • Conducted successful union negotiations, w/implementation of a new safety process. 
    • Implemented Lean/Kaizen, production automation & supported expansion of global operations. 

European Projects

      • Finalized formulation design & scale up of new products, while securing duty-free status for key raw materials. 
      • Established 5S (Lean/Kaizen) & Global Environmental Health Safety Standards. 
      • Established MRP consolidation & warehouse expansion. 
      • Established new coatings manufacturing facility in Rural Ireland

Asian Projects

        • Land Purchase/design of new factory in China.
        • Transfer of ink coating operations in Malaysia.
        • Multiple phases of new production & tech transfers from the USA to Singapore.
        • Multiple ISO & Safety Certifications in Asia.

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