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Project Management

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Walking with you and your team, from idea to reality, we put our years of  proven experience and industry skills to your project, ensuring its ultimate success.  On time. On budget. On point.

Due Diligence

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Business Vision

Analyzing the urgency for your proposed project, how critical it is for your company's growth & success, the discovery, licensing and other necessary criteria for success, we bring your project idea into focus.

Desired Location

Locations will be examined for their potential for your project's optimal success, wherever, be they near or far…across the plant, your town, your nation, or the globe.

Fiscal Capability

We look under the hood of your business, examine its cash flow, and consider any need for a capital or parent company loan, or perhaps a private equity, for what is best for your project and your company's long-term future.


We all have a part to play in protecting our planet, so whether its gaining special permits or local acceptance, maneuvering through legal processes and inspections, we have your project, and the climate, covered.

Operational Concerns

We are experienced in and provide best practices on designing processes (existing or new) and equipment, operational expansions, mergers/consolidations, transfers, and occupancy permitting, so your business can keep running on all cylinders.


Time To Market

The clock ticks on deadlines, and stakeholder expectations in a competitive global economy. Put time on your side (and your project's) with our proven experiences.


With a Rolodex of proven, vetted resources from 30 years of global experiences, we have the right personnel, contractors, consultants, architects, project managers, and engineering connections for your peace of mind.

Conceptual Design

All the engineering, technical and operational support, suppliers, architectural design, and Gantt Charts that are needed to take your project from an idea on a page, to a detailed project plan…we have plans for this too.


Your project requires a solid budget, backed by proven industry standards. Financial planning, including project feeding mechanisms (Gantt charts) are part of our toolbox we bring to your project.

Risk Management

There is a mile of potential pitfalls between idea to reality for your project. We will guide you through approvals at corporate and government pre-approval, insurance, through necessary critical analysis, peer review (Landlord Acceptance), and create a Response Matrix for all your stakeholders.

Contractor Selection

We help you put all the right pieces together for your project, sourcing the best General Contractor, mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors, specialty services, and legal consultants to get the job done right – on budget, and on time.


Suppliers, Inputs/Outputs, Process Equipment, Contingency Plans (SIPOC), is a proven set of Six Sigma practices your project deserves for its optimal outcome.


Change Control Plans, Responsibilities, Accountabilities, Warranties (RACI) are the industry Six Sigma standard for mapping responsibilities to ensure the best in communication, clarity and in minimizing costly mistakes for your project


Project Plan Submittal

Finally, its time to submit your project's plan to your jurisdiction. We help you navigate the right time and process for submitting for approval.

Plan Check

We walk the halls of the project's plan approval for you, from preparing resubmitted responses, to resubmission and creating the change orders necessary.

Critical Material Procurement

Keeping to the project's plan for budget, Gantt charts, and identified required resources, we will help in sourcing and procuring the vital equipment and raw materials needed for the project.

Site Preparation

As soon as dirt starts to move, local stakeholders can raise concerns, staff may have unanswered questions, and there may be security issues to address. We help you plow through these easily as well.

Construction Stewardship

The people actually bringing the vision to life can literally make your project or break it. It is essential to establish harmony, effective progress tracking, sustainable operations, and a process for reviewing change requests in a timely way. With 30 years in this business, there isn't a boot or a suit we can't create a good relationship with.


Creating and managing “record” cards, schedules, inspection requests, occupancy conflicts, and deviation requests can get overwhelming for large-scale projects, unless you have the right experiences and proven skill sets at your side.


It's time! Your project's been built, but you should have a strategic set of start-up criteria to do things right. And before we pack up, we walk you through the closure of our part of the project including reviewing your warranties. Congratulations!

Some of our successful projects

North American Projects

  • Managed transfers of production across multiple facilities. 
  • Re-certified ISO 9000 of 2 Canadian operations into one. 
  • Conducted successful union negotiations, w/implementation of a new safety process. 
  • Implemented Lean/Kaizen, production automation & supported expansion of global operations. 

 European Projects

      • Finalized formulation design & scale up of new products, while securing duty-free status for key raw materials. 
      • Established 5S (Lean/Kaizen) & Global Environmental Health Safety Standards. 
      • Established MRP consolidation & warehouse expansion. 
      • Established new coatings manufacturing facility in Rural Ireland

Asian Projects

        • Land Purchase/design of new factory in China.
        • Transfer of ink coating operations in Malaysia.
        • Multiple phases of new production & tech transfers from the USA to Singapore.
        • Multiple ISO & Safety Certifications in Asia.

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